Fresh Farm Eggs

Local pickup available via Click & Collect in Pine Creek, QLD,
situated almost directly opposite the Pine Creek Community Hall.

Weekly delivery to Bundaberg Central or nearby via arrangement.
*Will incur a small delivery fee.


Natural clay earth pigments, a mixture of ferric oxide and varying amounts of clay and sand. Ranging in colours from yellow to deep orange or brown.

Ochre has been used for millennia by Indigenous Australians for body decoration, sun protection, mortuary practices, cave painting, bark painting, other artwork, including the preservation of animal skins and more.

The practice of ochre painting has been prevalent among the Indigenous Australian culture for over 40,000 years.

Out of respect to the property and local indigenous ties to the land we’re on, the name 7ochres (7 acres) seemed appropriate.

We’re a small family seeking to live and work in harmony with mother nature and enjoy a peaceful existence on this planet raising livestock and producing organic food.

We’re advocates for self sufficiency, independence and autonomy based on the foundation of common sense, a gift from birth.

We ALL obtain the right to live in peace and harmony with nature on this planet as have indigenous cultures around the world for thousands of years. Free from extortion, manipulation, coercion and threats from the corporate system and agencies seeking to do one thing only, control us.

We currently produce 100% organic eggs for both consumption and hatching from our Japanese quail, mixed chicken flock and Muscovy ducks.

We also have some goats and are looking to add to our numbers for both milk and meat production.

Bees, guinea fowl, geese, emus, pigs and alpacas are considered in our plans for the future.

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